Why it’s Okay to not Believe in Climate change

3.) You Can’t Depend on Climate Models

The climate model forecasts that used to be able to judge the probable impact of global warming have been confirmed to be wrong which basically proves that the long term forecasts that they have been creating are pointless. Many scientists even believe that any increase in global temperatures have a chance of being a climate shift by nature. With that being said, many people in the world have been transformed into skeptics after hearing this fact. The proof is there, and really no one can fake the truth. Also, any guesses that were made regarding the impact of global warming have been proved to be false as well. People who back up any arguments against global warming being real usually bring up all the dates in which guesses were made about something that never even happened. For instance: Al Gore made a guess that all  of the Arctic ice would be obsolete by the year 2013.

2.) Arctic Ice Went Up by 50% Since The Year 2012

The amount of Arctic ice went up in capacity by 50% in 2012 alone. The very measurements of the arctic ice reveal that it has actually gone up in volume since the year 2012, which goes against the beliefs of global warming and anything about ice caps to melting. A very small amount of people have even guessed that global warming would enable whole Arctic ice to begin to melt. This contradicts their own version. The advocates of global warming claimed that the ice would be melted by now, and here it is, still in existence.

1.) Not Enough Historical Data Available

There is no general agreement about global warming as existent between scientists. Backers of the cause also bring up the fact that a gathering that happened not too long ago, consisting of 31,000 scientists all of which were environmental science specialists could not come to an agreement on whether or not global warming is actually true. They simply argue that they lack any available long term historical climate data or the information that they do have just isn’t coherent enough to confirm. There have also not been any particular and lasting changes in temperature since the year 1997. Scientists who do not believe in global warming claim global warming isn’t existent because there has not been one serious temperature change since the 1990s. The improvement in temperature began in 1975, still went on until 1997 and the temperature has been at a flat line since that year which pretty much proves that there hasn’t been any real change in temperature in the past 17 years. That being said, it all comes down to science. If the facts are true, then it is confirmed. The problem with the advocates of such a cause is simply that they just don’t have their facts straight.

If you want to learn more on how global warming is a hoax, watch the video below!